Billionaire's Love Suite: Chapter 2 first look


Billionaire’s Love Suite

Chapter Two

“You’re naked!” Shana shrieked at the thoroughly ripped, dark haired Adonis, as she stepped through the cloud of steam toward the tiled seat area in the women’s steam room. She was so startled that she didn’t realize she’d inadvertently dropped the luxurious Turkish cotton towel she’d loosely wrapped around her.

The man stared at Shana, drinking in every inch of her luscious curves. She was tall with perfectly formed long legs, a very small waist and quite ample breasts. Her skin was creamy and unmarked by any blemishes except for a sprinkle of freckles across the tops of her softly curving shoulders. Her honey blonde hair was fastened at her nape with a clip but several tendrils had escaped and formed a glistening golden halo around her heart shaped face. Electric green eyes stared back at him in horror.

A bemused but slightly wicked smile parted his full lips. “So are you,” he said in a deep, velvety voice that oozed sexuality.

Even through the clouds of steam, Shana could see his crystal blue eyes searing into her. His surprise was quickly supplanted by appreciation and then she most definitely saw interest.

So stunned by his presence, her mind didn’t register what he was saying to her. She couldn’t take her eyes off the man. In all her life, she’d never seen anyone as gorgeous as the hunk of masculinity sitting only a few feet away from her. He had very broad shoulders, six-pack abs, powerful thighs and calves and biceps so well defined she discerned that he must be an athlete of some type. He reminded her of the Olympians who spent their lifetimes in training. That, or he was a model, she thought. With a strong square jawline, deep set blue eyes and thick, nearly black hair that fell in a clump over his forehead, he was just too beautiful to be real.

He’s gotta be gay, she thought. There’s no way a woman could be so lucky as to stumble onto a prince like this.

Watching her with pure delight, he unbent from the crouched position he was in with his elbows on his knees and straightened. He leaned his back against the white tiled wall and continued to stare at her.

Shana’s mind was filled with the glorious sight of his well-defined chest and with dreamy visions of what it would be like to be held naked against that powerful chest.

“I said, you’re naked,” he chuckled and let his eyes skim down from her breasts, across her flat belly to the triangle between her legs.

Feeling his gaze like a hot laser, Shana finally realized she had dropped her towel. “Oh, my God!” Frantically, she bent and retrieved her towel and held it in front of her. Fidgeting, she tried to wrap it around her, but her fingers had somehow gone numb, pretty much like her mind. She dropped the edge of the towel twice more before finally affixing it so that her torso was once again hidden from his view.

“What a pity,” he said.

“Excuse me?”

“That you’re covered,” he said pointing to the towel and allowing a trifle-too-mischievous chuckle escape his lips. “You’re one of those people who should belong to a nudist colony,” he said. “Perfection.”

“Thank you.” Shana squirmed, but only slightly, feeling his sensual tones tumble into her ears and somehow, incredulously, ignite something in the pit of her stomach that made her want to cross her legs, or scratch an itch. Shana didn’t know exactly what she was experiencing because she’d always been a mind-over-matter person. Always totally and exceedingly in control of every aspect of her life, Shana prided herself on being on-point in every situation. Mr. Gorgeous had flipped on a switch she didn’t allow to be turned on unless she’d consciously and judiciously made the decision to do so. Shana had always told herself and everyone in her life that she didn’t like surprises. Especially bad ones.

She hadn’t decided yet if Mr. Gorgeous was a good surprise or a bad surprise.

Leaning his head against the wall and shooting her with another appreciative look, he said, “You’re very beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she said taking a step closer to him. She had the overwhelming urge to touch him, to make certain he wasn’t a mirage. There was still the chance that she was hallucinating due to the past month of non-stop work and less than three hours of sleep at night and little food. Sleep deprivation. Hypoglecemia attack. That had to be the answer to her lack of motor skills and dexterity at the moment.

“This is the women’s steam room,” she said finally finding her voice. Despite the moisture in the room, her mouth had gone suddenly dry and the words scratched over her tongue as if stuck by Velcro.

“I know. I was told the men’s steam room was under construction.”

“It’s closed, yes.”

“I was told that I could use this room. It’s supposed to be closed as well.”

“It is closed. But I don’t get why you are here?”

Justin was stunned by the ravishing beauty in front of him. He’d seen his fair share of naked women in his life, but there had never been anything to compare with this woman. She was looking at him with intense indignation as if he were the trespasser. And he liked her sense of authority. She had a fire about her that he didn’t want to staunch. He also didn’t want to tell her that he owned the hotel, which would undoubtedly set off the expected reaction he always got when the truth was out. For many reasons he didn’t want this woman to wind up being like all the rest and want him for a myriad of things, all of which had nothing to do with Justin, himself.

He wanted the charade to continue.

“Who told you that you could come in here?” she demanded.

Justin kept a steady gaze latched on her scrumptious body. Mischievously, he wanted to see how far he could take things. “His name is Yates.”

“You’re kidding,” Shana exhaled realizing that the gesture did nothing to ease the tension she was feeling in her entire body as she continued to stare at Mr. Gorgeous. He was so easy in his body, leaning against the wall, with only a towel draped across his crotch. He crossed his legs and when he did so, she got a clear shot of his gluteous maximus that flexed and stretched and promised of wicked things to be done should she pursue that course.

“Justin Yates? How do you know him?” she asked with a tongue still stuck to the roof of her mouth. What she wouldn’t give for an icy cold bottle of water.

“Oh, he and I are very close. Do you know him?” Justin replied.

“No,” Shana replied quickly not wanting to talk about anyone or anything with this man other than themselves. “I’ve never met him.”

“He owns the hotel here,” he said.

“I read that,” she said taking a few steps closer and then sitting on the seat several very safe inches away from him.

Justin noticed that she clung to the knot in her towel just above her left breast as if to lose the hold would be the death of her. He bit back a smile of amusement. “Busy guy, sounds like.”

“Being his friend you probably know him very well,” she said looking down at her knees that were already covered in sweat and steam.

Justin couldn’t resist the temptation to bait her even further. “Ours is…a business relationship.”

“Oh,” she nodded. “So you must know him from his Wall Street days.”

Wall Street days? His father had only been dead a month and already his life was being sectioned off into the “old” and the “new”? He hadn’t realized that taking over the hotels would re-define him. Her comment gave him considerable pause. What was he doing taking on an industry he didn’t understand? Justin fidgeted and re-positioned the towel across his middle.

She was looking up at him with gleaming green eyes. There was absolutely no guile in her face and when Justin probed her face, he realized that not since his mother, had he seen a woman look at him like this. For far too long, every woman he’d met had wanted something from him. If it wasn’t sex, it was money or his name or his baby. Everyone he knew wanted a piece of him. But right here, right now, for this strange suspension in time, this woman, thought he was someone else and she didn’t want anything.

Damn the bad luck, he thought. For once he would have liked it if a woman just wanted him for sex.

Shana didn’t know precisely at what millisecond the conversation between them moved from getting to know you to sex, but she could see it clearly in Mr. Gorgeous’ eyes.

She felt herself blush and rightfully so. She should have been blushing crimson red from hairline to toes. She’d dropped her towel and he’d seen everything. Once she’d gotten over the shock of his presence, she’d almost forgotten that fact.

But facts were fact.

The real problem here was that Shana couldn’t take her eyes off him anymore than he could not look at her. For the first time in her life she actually wondered what it would be like to shed her analytical, borderline anal-retentive nature and run wild. Run free. To think about no one else but Shana. What would that be like? She couldn’t even think back to a time when such an urge had ever come over her. She’d always been the responsible one. She’d thought through every decision she’d ever made and every response that had ever come out her mouth. Now, the only thing she wanted to do with her mouth was plant it on top of his.

It was all she could do not to reach out and touch his knee and then let it move up his massive muscular thigh and pull herself up to him.

A vision of being trapped between his legs, his mouth on hers and her hand raking through his thick black hair caused her to choke.

Then she coughed. And coughed again.

“You okay?” Justin asked.

She nodded in three quick jerky nods. “Steam. Makes my throat constrict.”

Justin smiled. “It’s the same for me,” he said in such sensuous tones, Shana felt light-headed.

Justin leaned over very close to her. “Know what helps?”

She shook her head. “What?”

“Mouth to mouth resuscitation.” Not waiting for her response, Justin impetuously skimmed her soft mouth with his. It was only a brush across her lips, but it might as well have been setting a fire to a keg of dynamite. Justin’s head jerked back. He stared down into the goddess’ eyes. “Better?” he finally croaked out.

“Not yet,” she said reaching her hand up behind his head and placing it gingerly on his nape. She had never felt a shock wave like the one Mr. Gorgeous was generating inside her. Tremors of illicit delight raked through her body, organ by organ, muscle by muscle until she felt an inferno so strong, she thought she would surely perish.

Slowly, she pulled him back to her, keeping her eyes open so that she could see the smoldering look she was creating in him. Never in her life had she felt such power over another person. She didn’t know who Mr. Gorgeous was, nor did she care. All she knew was that she had to know what it would be like to really kiss him.

He didn’t wait for further instruction. He clamped his full lips over her mouth and drank in her sweetness. It was like lightening striking him and he felt the thunderbolt throughout his entire body. He parted her lips with his tongue and again felt a jolt of electricity.

Shana kissed him back with a hunger that she had never known she possessed. She’d been kissed plenty of times, but there had never been anything this exciting or explosive. She took him inside her, stroking his tongue with her own. Though the duel of their eager tongues relaxed into a slower dance, the fire inside her did not fade but continued to flame and burn higher and higher.

She didn’t remember to breathe and she didn’t care. Her lungs burned, her muscles tensed and every vein, nerve and cell in her body craved more from him.

She sank her fingers into his hair and then placed her hands on his face holding him so that he could not escape. She heard a deep guttural nearly animal-like moan from deep within his throat. She knew she’d never heard anything so sexy, so satisfying in her life.

Justin placed his hands on either side of the goddess’ face when he broke from the kiss. Her eyes were closed when he looked down on her and her long blonde eyelashes fluttered against her cheeks. She was completely and utterly under his spell. He kissed her forehead, her eyelids, her cheeks and the tip of her nose before capturing her mouth again.

Justin had no idea what had come over him, but at this moment all he wanted to do was go on kissing this woman again and again. She was just the right mixture of aggressive and submissive he’d always wanted. And she tasted like heaven.

His tongued plunged again and again into her honeyed interior and with each thrust he felt himself getting hard. With hot steam slaking down his chest and back, he pulled her closer into him. He had to feel her skin against his or he would go crazy.

He placed his hands on her back and despite the layer of wet steam, he knew he’d never felt skin as soft as hers. He eased himself closer, and with his strong arms, he pulled her into him at the same time. Encased in his arms, her hands now clinging to his shoulders, he knew she was as deeply into the kiss, into the passion they were creating as he was.

Slowly he relinquished himself from the internal anguish he was building inside himself. “Who taught you to kiss like that?” he asked.

“No one,” she breathed and finally lifted her eyelids to look longingly into his eyes. “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

“Oh, it is. Believe me, it is,” he groaned and pulled her into his chest. He rubbed his lips across her mouth igniting sparks of tingling electricity inside her.

Shana ached to feel her bare breasts on his chest. She wanted to know what it would be like to feel her nipples against the mat of dark hair on his chest. Just the thought of their kiss moving into something more profound, more thrilling, caused her nipples to go hard. All she had to do was release the errant towel, which earlier had appeared to have a mind of its own anyway. She could plead ignorance. Or she could tell him the truth, that she had pulled the towel down herself. She could tell him that she needed more of him.

She didn’t know what precisely had happened but mysteriously, her wish was suddenly fulfilled. She crushed her bare breasts against him and heard that deep guttural groan escape his lips.

Was he panting?

Was he losing control? Was it possible she was doing this to this incredibly gorgeous man? When had she become so adept at seduction?

Justin was losing his mind. His erection was so hard and stiff and full that he thought his brain would implode. He couldn’t stand it much longer. He would have to take her and that was a complete impossibility. She was a stranger, and yet, she felt and tasted so familiar as if they had lived before. He had to end this. He should. He absolutely should. But first…

Justin clamped his mouth against hers once more and indulging his sexual impulses, he splayed his hand over her full breast luxuriating in the soft flesh that spilled over his huge hands. The heat inside him was at an inferno pitch. The slamming sound he heard in his head was clearly from the jackhammering pulse his heart was beating out just to stay functional. Five more minutes of this bliss and he’d be dead.

He had to admit it, she was too much for him.

Shana placed her hands against his muscular chest and regretfully but ever-so-slowly pushed herself away from him. The moment she felt air rush between her breasts and his chest, she felt a fleeting moment of sadness, of near grief for the ending of the beauty she’d felt only a moment ago. Suddenly, she understood the meaning of longing. She had felt safe being held by him, and she shouldn’t have.

Shana let her arms slip away from him and she pulled up her towel to cover herself once again. She was stunned at the unthinkable abandon she’d just performed. Shana had never done a single risky thing in her life. She’d paid all her parking tickets, never indulged herself in too much ice-cream no matter how tempting the flavor, never intentionally said a hurtful thing to another person even if they deserved it and she had never, ever made the initial move toward a man…ever. But here she was, practically raping this total stranger.

No question about it, she’d lost her mind. Early onset Alzheimer’s. That was it. Absolutely brought about by a rare sexual hormone imbalance probably unknown to medical science, she rationalized.

The man must think I’m a harlot!

Overwhelmingly embarrassed, Shana’s blush covered her face, throat and chest with a crimson blanket.

Still, she thought, he was the most delicious thing she’d ever tasted. A flash of wicked thought caused her to wonder what the rest of him would taste like.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” she said half-heartedly.

“Liar. You loved it as much as I did,” he said in breathless tones, still not quite back down to earth.

“I confess. I did.”

He slowly eased himself up enough off the seat to tie his towel around his middle.

Shana took the opportunity to glance down at him and see his erection. She smiled and then instantly checked herself when she realized he had caught her looking at him.

“Yes. You most definitely aroused me. Being the gentleman that I am, I prefer that we save that for our next date.”

“Next date?”

“I would say this counts as number one.”

Shana looked shocked. She didn’t have time for dates. In fact she hadn’t had time for most of the men she’d met on the job and off for months. At least not since she and Karl Heilmann, the owner of the Shellingham Geneva Hotel broke up. Was that really two years ago already? Karl had wanted her solely for her genius at turning his hotel around. He thought they would become a mega-power in the hotel industry. He wanted to build a chain to rival the Four Seasons. He believed that Shana was his ticket to fame.

Shana had learned her lesson the hard way and fast. She would never trust her heart again to anyone she worked with or worse, worked for. She was her own woman building her own reputation.

“Oh, I don’t think…” she started when he put his fingers over her lips again.

Shana shivered when he touched her. It was a simple enough gesture. She shouldn’t have responded so vehemently, but there was no question that his touch shot shards of lightening straight down to the pit of her belly. If he touched any single part of her body right now, she would climax. She just knew it.

“I…I could get into trouble for this,” Shana said, looking around the steam room sheepishly toward the door. For the first time she realized that they could have been interrupted. What if one of the other employees had decided to use the off-limits steam room just as she had? What if Justin himself had walked in? She would have been humiliated.

“Really? How’s that?”

“I, er, work here. This…this is very embarrassing,” she stumbled. “I’ve never done anything like this before.”

“You what?” Justin felt his blood chill.

“I work here,” she said touching her finger to her lips. “But I won’t tell if you won’t.”

Justin swallowed. “In what position?” he asked.

“Director of Operations,” Shana said proudly. Then she looked at the startled expression on Mr. Gorgeous’ face. To reassure him she said, “Look, “I absolutely promise I won’t say anything to anyone.”

He just stared at her with a hard, but stricken look.

Shana felt the room go cold. The slacking steam down her breasts and back felt like frigid winter rain. Then it hit her. “You’re…not a guest here.”

He shook his head.

“Who are you?”

“Justin Yates.”

Shana gaped at him and her eyes bowled wide open. She felt like she was facing the mongrel hoard. Justin Yates. She forced her mind to register all pertinent data. This was the playboy who used women as if they were entertainment. From the staff she’d learned that he had always had streams of women that he saw once and discarded them. The former Director of Operations, Felicity Cummings, had kept a log of Justin’s women. Shana had actually seen the log when she’d taken the job over from Felicity. It had names, dates and lengths of stays in the penthouse. He was the womanizer of all womanizers.

And he was her boss.

Worst of all, he had lied to her. He’d pretended to be someone he was not. He was the very worst of his own wretched reputation. All the things she’d heard about Justin had to be true.

Shana felt as if the earth had opened up and sucked her into it’s core. Her entire life was over. She’d just sabotaged her hard-won and hard-fought for career all for a kiss.

She could never work for him now. She had embarrassed herself and now she was just another one of his many female conquests. She had only one course of action.

“You’ll have my resignation in the morning.”

Justin was stunned. He’d just wanted to have a bit of fun. His emotions had spiked to the ceiling only moments ago with their torrid kiss, but now, he felt as if he were crawling under the tile floor, he was so low.

“You can’t quit,” he said firmly.

Shana bolted to her feet nearly losing her towel once again. “You lied to me!”

“I didn’t lie.”

“Yes, you did. You said you were Justin’s friend.”

“No, I said we were close.”

“Same thing, bastard!” She shook her fist at him, wanting, willing it to land on his powerful chest, but for some reason her hand would not obey and it just hung there, riveted in mid-space.

“Miss Jackson!” he shouted hoping to calm her down. “Let’s discuss this.”

“What? Talk? I told you, I quit!” Shana shouted back with exactly the same resonance to her voice that he had displayed.

She spun on her heel and trounced out of the steam room and just as she swung the door open, her towel dropped again.

Justin got a clear view of the most luscious backside he’d ever seen and groaned.

Shana whipped the towel over her arm, turned toward him and let him see a full frontal view. Her smirk seared through the steam and mist, challenging him. Her green eyes were like jade on fire. “I’ll hand in my resignation tomorrow at our meeting. And don’t forget, it’s at nine o’clock sharp!”

She walked away and the steam room door closed.

Justin stood amidst the whorls of steam, raked his hand through his thick hair and wondered what had just happened to him…and to his hotel.